Actually had quite a pleasant, relaxed weekend I must say, despite the fact that Chantelle was working of course! But because I don’t have oodles of time on my hands to craft yet another lengthy, graceful post, I’ll just cobble a quick summary together, shall I?


Friday evening was pretty much spent eating KFC, watching anime, playing Mirror’s Edge and tidying up the house a bit before Chantelle eventually got home much later in the evening. Saturday morning was wasted running around trying to source loose towel rail brackets to replace our now broken ones with absolutely no success (and more tidying up of the house of course), while Saturday afternoon was spent far more productively by taking part in our dojo’s karate marathon out in the sun on the old naval rugby field here in Gordon’s Bay. Saturday evening was spent in Bellville for a change, where I met up with Terrance, Karl and Ryan at Ryan’s new pad for a night of pizza, fifa and stupidity. Was lekker.

Sunday I pretty much wasted away the entire day inside (thanks to the freakishly strong wind that threatened to uproot anything and everything standing outside), so I found myself once more tidying up the house, playing loads of Mirror’s Edge, watching anime and scheduling tons and tons of blog posts on both CodeUnit and Rugged Rock. The evening (at last I see Chantelle again kind of thing), we sat down to eat supper together and watch a little of Vaatjie Sien Sy Gat and Rush Hour 3, before arising a letting Chantelle loose with the scissors on my unruly mane. Then she gave me a pedicure while I lay down reading comic books (don’t ask).

The end.

(A nice summary of the weekend’s happenings if I say so myself. Now at least you can’t say I don’t keep you up to speed mother dearest! – that’s addressed to both of you by the way! :P)