sandstormAnd now I know.

You know, in the just over a year that I’ve been working here at Touchwork in Westlake, I had yet to experience the inconvenience and bugger up that a closed Baden Powell route into Muizenburg brings – until Monday morning that is.

Up until now, I’ve been pretty lucky in hindsight. Many people have gone on and on about how frequently that last section of Baden Powell into Muizenburg (the beach section essentially) gets shut down, be it due to sand on the road or just plain heavy wind conditions, but up until Monday I had never actually experienced it closed for myself – and man, what a pain now that I have!

Baden Powell is the most economical and sensible way to get to Westlake from Gordon’s Bay, meaning that I travel along this very picturesque coastal road every weekday morning and afternoon of my life. The road is pretty remote, not all that busy and drives straight from the N2 into Muizenburg without any detours, making it perfect for my purposes in other words.

But it does have one little flaw. The last section into Muizenburg is laid literally slap bang in the middle of the beach, meaning that while you have surf and sand to the one side of you, you now also have sand dunes on the other – and needless to say, the constant wind is always shifting sand from one side of the road to the other.

Now I have no idea what possessed the road planners to place a road in the middle of the beach, but unfortunately the consequences of having done so are very real, because when the weather conditions become just a little bit too unsafe, the traffic cops come out in full and that poor little road needs to be locked down post haste – leaving very little alternative routes into Muizenberg open!

Which is of course why I found myself diverted into extremely heavy traffic towards Strandfontein, not exactly the nicest area around, for a journey that lasted in total well over a hour and three quarters in time, quite a couple of wasted kilometers extra, and which naturally led to a rather frustrated Craig finally making his way to the office – late for a change.

*sigh*, I guess it really was just a matter of time until my luck ran out! :(