I was driving into Gordon’s Bay through Strand last Saturday, happily day-dreaming in the traffic when I noticed that the bakkie in front of me had an inordinate amount of advertising lettering plastered all over its back-end. Intrigued by all this bold and colourful lettering, I edged my way in, right up to his backside and couldn’t help but guffaw out aloud when I finally read exactly what all the advertising, or rather anti-advertising said!

Needless to say, the guys at Fiat SA, or Droomers for that matter, cannot be happy with him at all – but like they say, if you want bad service, then DON’T complain!

(And his campaign certainly worked on at least one person – no way I’m going to be buying one of those crappy Fiat Strada bakkies any time soon after seeing all of that!)


The guy has even gone as far as putting up a small little website in the Strada’s dishonour – hit the link for more: http://www.whynot2buy.co.za/ (but come right back, ‘kay?)