Okay, so maybe the title is a bit of a white lie as in all honesty, only Saturday ended up being busy as all heck, but after the sociable week we enjoyed coming up to the weekend, Chantelle and I more than DESERVED Friday evening and Sunday off for a change! :)

An unfortunate turn of events led to Chantelle having to work on Friday evening (despite it being her off weekend) and as such I found myself returning to an empty home, clutching a bag of KFC for two to my chest. However, my forlornness at losing Chantelle to work was quickly replaced with euphoria as I set about clocking Mirror’s Edge (fabulous game despite its iffy animated cutscenes) and then jumping straight into the pile of titles Albert loaned to me, including Frontlines: Fuel of War, Dead or Alive 4, Call of Duty and Tom Clancy’s HAWX (though the latter didn’t want to load off the disk properly, so I’ll have to scratch trying my hand at that one!)

And thanks to the tip from Ryan that my TV actually features an audio out port, by the time Chantelle finally arrived home, the entire car park was booming with the blistering sounds of war being cranked out through my surround sound system! :)

Of course with Chantelle home it was off with the games and on with the TV, where animated DVD fare was to reign and the night was finally sealed off with the rather strange choice of Poena is Koning, which was worth its weight in terms of some very stupid laughs and giggles.

Saturday arrived and Chantelle and I kicked into overdrive, hitting the shops early in order to get this year’s Christmas shopping done. After a hilarious mix-up that saw me trying to pick up cricket pads that had been held in stock for Dean at the wrong store, we hit the mall proper and thanks to our well thought out list, managed to get everything bought in a record amount of time with minimum fuss. With the shopping done, it was back home to quickly drop everything off, before jumping back into the car and heading out to visit with Dean and Zania, the first time we had done so since the birth of little Zandea.

Naturally, on arrival and sight of the little baby, Chantelle’s motherly instinct kicked into overdrive and so I got comfy, drank a beer, nibbled on chips and watched the cricket as Chantelle played mom, ending with little Zandea falling fast asleep in Chantelle’s arms, after having first been properly sated by Dean (with a bottle, not his breast).

From there it was over to Tygervalley in order to finish off the last items left on our Christmas shopping list as well as pick up the necessary picnic snacks for the evening, before quickly popping in at Monty’s stronghold in order to pick up some skirts that Cheryl was mending for the guesthouse.

After that quick hi and bye, it was then on the N1 and off to Kirstenbosch, where we joined up with Andri, Malcolm and Andri’s whole family, Michelle and Gary, and Retha and Retha’s whole family to enjoy the annual Rotary-organised Carols by Candlelight celebration, more of which I’ll talk about tomorrow (and even put up a few pictures) – but as a teaser I’ll simply say that the evening was an absolutely stunning success and you couldn’t have asked for a better turnout, nicer weather, more spectacular view or even a more special event if you wanted to. (Oh and our snacks were pretty damn awesome too! Mini cheesies for the win!!)

It goes without saying then that by the time we did finally arrive home back in Gordon’s Bay, we were so poop tired and exhausted that we pretty much just fell into bed, quickly dozing off into that oh so very welcome blackness of mind-numbing sleep.

Sunday morning saw us actually sleep in for what feels like the first time in ages and despite our earlier mumblings of wanting to hit the beach or park and get some sun on our rather oh so white bodies, we ended up pretty much lazing the entire day away in front of the TV (the classic animated Superman series rocks I tell you!), wrapping Christmas presents (we’re all set for the big day now) and scheduling some blog posts, breaking only for a single trip through to the Pick ‘n Pay across the road in order to secure the raw materials needed for the awesome braai I was about to conduct.

The braai was awesome.

The not doing much trend then continued, with more TV, ice-cream and comic book reading, until eventually we couldn’t keep the pretense of being awake up for much longer and we both hit the sack, completely chilled and relaxed, ready for the week ahead.

Well on that front, I am at least. Leave starts on Thursday for me already you know! Oh, it’s good not to work in the service industry sometimes if you ask me! :P