Remember back on the 6th of December we took Chantelle out to La Brasserie out in Franschhoek? You don’t? Well we did, and yes, seeing as I take my sweet time downloading pictures off the camera, I’m only showing you now just how awesome a venue this great little pearl in the heart of Franschhoek actually is!

Unlike its sister restaurant, Le Petite Ferme, La Brasserie (or The Brewery if you speak French) is actually quite an affordable eating option, with a small, compact menu featuring some delicious options and a place where the presentation of the food actually matters a hell of a lot. It doesn’t have as majestic a view of the valley as its sister restaurant, true, but the views and atmosphere that it does have is still absolutely wonderful, and when you combine it with their live music events, then you have an absolute winner on your hands.


The Montgomery Clan: Monty, Cheryl and ex-member, Chantelle


A view across the lawn from our table. Beautiful as to be expected


Not serving that many tables makes for quite a spacious feel


All their food looks this good on a plate

Nice isn’t it? :)

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