It feels a little stupid to even right a post about this, but seeing as how I was wondering and wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, I thought it prudent just to leave a little note to myself on how to actually do this – never hurts to leave little notes lying around for one’s self you know! ;)

Anyway, the problem at hand lay in the fact that I had now decided to use Google’s Chrome browser as my Ubuntu default internet browser, meaning that I wanted to swap the FireFox icon sitting in the panel at the top of the screen to that of a Chrome one.

Now the Gnome panel acts pretty much like the Windows taskbar over in Microsoft’s product and so I was pleasantly surprised that actually right-clicking on the panel gave me some options to play with – most importantly the option to delete a launcher icon that I had right-clicked on! In other words, FireFox and Help icons now pleasingly gone. :)

But now, how to add the replacement launcher icon to the panel?

Well obviously you can do it the manual way by selecting the “Add to Panel…” menu option that appears when you right-click on the panel, but this hangs off on you knowing the actual path the to executable you wish to launch – and seeing that I’m still quite a newb when it comes to Ubuntu, for the life of me I couldn’t locate the damn launcher command for Chrome on my system!

Thankfully though, I was saved when I sheepishly right-clicked on Chrome’s launcher icon contained in the standard ‘Applications’ menu and spotted the EXTREMELY handy “Add this launcher to panel” context menu option.

Stupid I know, but at least know you know that it can be done – just in case you were wondering about it of course…