So yesterday marked Mr. Brown’s 29th birthday and as such I found myself in Bellville on the day to spend some time with him – though it was done a little differently to the norm I’ll admit! :)

I skipped my planned morning walk for a change thanks to getting up a little later than what I originally had wanted to, and instead shot through to Ryan just after 10:00, seeing as the poor bugger was shackled to his house for the day awaiting the arrival of a Telkom technician in order to at last install his long-awaited telephone line.

Naturally we immediately got to grips with the XBOX, fitting in a quick game of FIFA 10 and NBA 10 (which looks absolutely sublime I tell you!) as well as a bout of Gears of War, though the latter didn’t go quite as well as what we had planned and after throwing a mini hissy fit after dying for the upteenth time, Ryan quickly canned that particular path of action.

However, with Terrance’s gift in our possession but the inability to go and visit him thanks to the Telkom shackle, we instead phoned Mr. Brown and invited him over to us, which he duly did – but possibly only because we promised him a present if he came! :P

(As it is, we got him an awesome gift of a Angel/Devil Homer from the Simpsons figurine, as well as one from Family Guy, of which thanks to Ryan, he too is now a big fan.)

Anyway, more gaming was on the cards, though we did have to make a bit of a side trip in which Terrance and I abandoned Ryan and headed of to Mr. T’s pad in order to pick up an extra game controller, Figure Fanatix to check out their new stock, and finally McDonalds in order to pick out lunch for everyone.

On returning to Ryan’s house, we were greeting by the welcome figure of the just arrived Telkom technician guy and while we let him get on with his job, the three of us settled in to eat our food and break out the gaming, with bouts of PES, FIFA, NHL and NBA all taking centre stage – as well as a sneak peek of the awesome Batman: Arkham Asylum courtesy of Mr. Brown.

But as all things usually do, our day was to come to an abrupt end as the clock struck five and Ryan shooed us all away, eager to hit the road and go and rescue Michelle from that horrible thing called work.

Still, it was an excellent day of camaraderie and gaming, and so Mr. Brown, you had more than earned your Philly Cheese Steak last night! Enjoy man, enjoy! :)