To me yoghurt is yoghurt, I eat any brand of the stuff (though I do prefer the smooth ones to the chunky types, I’ll admit to that), but it would seem that Chantelle has a penchant for Gero yoghurt, the low fat, diabetic friendly yoghurt that is marketed as having come all the way from Abkhasia, manufactured here locally by the dewfresh group.

Now the yoghurt itself isn’t bad at all (I quite like the strawberry come to think of it), but there is one thing that greatly annoys me about the Gero single serving tubs – the damn superglue they use to seal that annoying foil on-top of the plastic cup!

Seriously, you have to give some mean tugs to try and pull this thick foil off, and invariably when you do manage to lift a side up, you’ve torn the foil and squirted yoghurt all around – and everyone knows that the last thing you want to do after opening up a yoghurt is to first clean up around you.

Get it right guys. Or maybe get Pick ‘n Pay to handle the packaging for you. At least their No Name brand yoghurts open easily, first time around!

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