Bliksem, I sat in traffic for 2 whole hours last night trying to get home from work! O.o

The reason?

Cape Town’s scorching heat which seemed to have sent everyone straight to the beaches – seriously though, doesn’t anyone work in Cape Town any more? :P

Baden Powell turned out to be the rotten egg this time, right from Muizenberg and all the way through to the N2. Each and every public beach was jam-packed full of people, Muizenberg, Strandfontein, the works, meaning tons of parked cars everywhere, people crossing the roads and just a general go slow from everyone in the vicinity!

And if you thought it got any better by the time you finally took the Strand turn offramp to head into Gordon’s Bay, oh no, forget about it. Strand beach was a nightmare in terms of cars trying to reach it, and thus a very hot, very sweaty, and very jealous Craig only reached his cool domicile just before 19:00 the evening, after spending an invigorating 2 hours in the traffic and having polished off more than a liter of Coca Cola.

What an incredible waste of my time. :(

Camps Bay Beach. Technically I was nowhere near hear, but simply put, I'm feeling to lazy to Google a more location-apt picture at the moment! :P

(At least the finally fixed sliding door blinds was a good sight to see on entry – and at R285 I guess it wasn’t that big a price to at last have blinds that actually open and close when you tug on a string, never mind actually all turn together when you want to block out the light for some private time…)