So let it be known that Chantelle and I started 2010 off by heading out on Saturday January the 2nd and purchasing our very first sofa set, with the delivery date set at February 15. This is a huge moment for me, because this marks the very first set of couches that I have ever purchased since striking it out on my own so many years ago now – the very first not to be hand me downs from parents, grandparents, etc. in other words! :)

It’s brilliant I tell you.

Anyway, we have long discussed purchasing our own couch set and always we’ve put it off, but after coming into some money after our wedding, we decided to put it towards good use and buy something for the flat – hence the couches. This is not to say we’ve gone into this completely blindly of course – for a long time now Chantelle has been a huge fan of Coricraft products and for a quite some time already we’ve been scanning the showrooms, figuring out the styles and type of couches that we like the most, meaning that our trip into the mall was a pretty damn efficient, something I’m naturally quite proud of.

Now to be honest, I’ve always had my eye on the fully upholstered Titanic range, a couch that looks nice and formal, sits very upright and fits my legs pretty perfectly, however, Chantelle on the other hand has always preferred the Kirsty range, essentially the same type of sofa we had previously had in the flat before Andy retrieved her beloved white couches for use in her new home in Stellenbosch, and in actual fact, the same type of couch that Karl and Trish currently use to adorn their pad with.

The Kirsty isn’t the perfect couch in my eyes, I’ll admit to that – I prefer something that sits more upright and looks a little neater, but I do agree with Chantelle that sometimes one does want a couch that looks a little more inviting, less formal and one that you can simply lie and fall asleep in front of the TV on, and to be honest, the Titanic wasn’t going to do that. Plus, the Kirsty is a slipcover couch, which means hurrah, hurrah, I can finally throw out all the annoying throws we have draped over our current set of couches, simply because keeping Kirsty clean is a doddle – pull off the slipcover and throw into the wash – couldn’t be easier!

So Kirsty it was then and with the style in the bag, the next choice to make was the configuration. In all honesty, for the space we currently have, sticking with a corner unit like Andy used to have does make the most sense – however neither Chantelle nor I like this idea and thus we both quickly agreed on moving away from this choice and instead going for the gigantic three seater combined with a normal two seater – which itself is pretty much on the large and in charge side of things anyway. (To give you an idea, the three seater is an oversized 2.45m long while the two seater is 2.15m long, but both are extremely wide and can pretty much double up as a single bed – I’m really not joking when I say these things are huge!). Of course, this does raise an interesting question (which Karl has now caused Chantelle to stress about) of just how we’re going to fit these two mammoth couches in our fairly narrow living room – all I’m saying is thank goodness for the sliding doors! ;)

(Interestingly enough though, Coricraft has some rather strict clauses regarding flat dwellers purchasing their sofas – if you’re higher than the third floor, you may as well forget about it! :P)

On fabric type we both agreed on a casual bull denim type material but in terms of colour, we did bump heads a little as Chantelle hugely preferred the lightest colour available (something that sits very close to the white side of the spectrum) while I liked the slightly duller oatmeal variation – though in the end I gave in and gave Chantelle the choice in return for a guarantee that those damn throws get thrown out first thing. In other words a win win situation for the both of us! ;)

The staff at Coricraft in Somerset Mall were hugely helpful in us making our decision, and with everything punched into the computer, it looks like delivery is set for middle of February, giving us plenty of time to come up with a plan to get rid of our current set. Hopefully one of the security guards has access to a bakkie, because that’ll just make life a whole lot easier, I promise!

Anyway, it wasn’t cheap and all those little hidden extras bit me harder than what I thought, but when the couches finally arrive, it will definitely be worth it – so all in all, not a bad way to spend R10k and kick off 2010 I’d have to say! ;)

This is a Kirsty corner unit. We didn't buy it. Instead, we bough a Kirsty two and three seater. But the site didn't have a picture of them up. So now you get this instead. Okay?

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