Man, what a spring-cleaning drive Chantelle and I have been on as of late! Determined to at last clear up some much needed space in our home pad, Chantelle has been like a tiger set loose upon a big juicy hunk of meat!

Clothes have been flying left, right and center, draws have been opened and shut at astonishing rates, entire cupboards have been emptied and now even our entire collection of Tupperware have found themselves strewn around the kitchen with unbridled abandon. As for the office, paper, old photos and postcards litter the floor as I tear into our entire filing system, compressing, discarding and punching cute little holes in important pieces of paper. The unnecessary has been tossed and slowly but surely space crawls towards us once more.

Already I have made the daunting trip to the outside trash area more times than what I can remember, heaving black bag after black bag of discarded items and junk onto the pile, and after Chantelle’s and my concerted effort, Gaylord from the lodge now gets to profit by at least two black bags filled to the brim with discarded clothes and accessories!

This job has long since been overdue, and is taking far longer than what we ever could have imagined, but I won’t lie, it feels good. It feels good to get rid of all that stuff you’ve so meticulously hoarded over the years, like that clipboard you got in Standard 2 (Grade 4 for all you younger readers out there), that cycling helmet which hasn’t been outside of that box in your cupboard since you hung up your cycling shorts all those years ago and that soccerball that has yet to see the light of day, never mind the cool caress of a pump in order to bring it to its full potential.

It is good.

And soon the tiger shall be sated.