The Drew Carey Show. Anyone remember it? You know, it ran from 1995 to 2004, consisted of 9 seasons made up of 233 episodes in total? Well if you do, do you remember the tall, dark-haired, silly Oswald from the show? You do? Excellent.

Well, Diedrich Bader is Oswald’s true identity and I learned something very cool the other day – believe it or not, this funny man is in fact the latest to carry the mantle of Batman voice over artist!

Now Kevin Conroy is pretty much accepted as the definitive Batman voice over artist and I don’t think anyone will dispute that, but for this latest, more kiddy-friendly return to the slapstick Batman of the 60’s roots, Diedrich actually makes perfect sense. Batman: The Brave and the Bold loses the gritty, dark atmosphere that has dominated the Batman animated franchise for the last decade and as such, the deadpan one-liners and witty puns are delivered as perfectly as one could ask for by Mr. Bader, making him the perfect choice for this particular incarnation of one of the world’s most popular comic book heroes.

Interestingly enough though, I hadn’t realised that Diedrich was in fact involved with the DC animated universe right from the get go. In the original Batman animated series he did in fact hold down the character voice for Captain Slash as well as that of Zee/Zeta for the Batman Beyond spin-off title, The Zeta Project. Now who’d have guessed that I ask you with tears in my eyes?

Anyway, the whole point of this post is that I simply can’t believe that good old goofy Oswald finally made it all the way to the big time after all! :P

Fine, it is quite goofy, but so what - suits Bader just fine! :P

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