You like Heavy Death Metal? You enjoy anime? You laugh at some pretty outrageous things? If the answer is yes to all three (well okay, you don’t have to answer yes for the first one), then there is simply no way you can not enjoy something as legendary at Detroit Metal City!

Angered, Krauser's trademark head tattoo mysteriously changes to English...

Episode 12 and Jack Ille Dark, a.k.a The Emperor, legendary Black Metal maestro from the United States certainly knew how to rub mild-mannered Soichi Negishi up the wrong way (and all over some lovingly prepared mushrooms at that), resulting in a very angry alter ego taking to the stage. Changing his usually Japanese inscribed head tattoo to English, Krauser III put on a remarkable performance that not only topped the outrageous Emperor but went on all the way to utterly humiliate him, thus claiming his legendary guitar as well as his very status as Emperor itself.

Needless to say, the lads from Detroit Metal City celebrated the only way they know how. And it ain’t pretty ladies, that’s for sure! ;)

The Emperor defeated, DMC proclaim their victory with their usual elegance!

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