Gian Carlo Mingati has made life particularly easy for you if you are in search for a simple to implement, yet powerful and customizable side-scrolling (in other words horizontal) news ticker widget.

His liScroll jQuery plugin takes any old unordered (ul) list with a unique ID and transforms it into a simple side-scrolling news ticker that has a variable speed control and also actually pauses on mouseover events, making navigation from the bar particularly easy.

To use his creation, simply do the following:

First create your necessary markup, e.g.:

Next, apply the jQuery magic to it:


That’s it, all done. And if you want to control the scroll speed, simply modify the travelocity parameter as follows:

$("ul#ticker02").liScroll({travelocity: 0.15});

You can grab Gian’s useful bit of code here:

Note: Don’t forget to copy off the required liScroll style declarations embedded in the demo page. Without them the ticker won’t actually work – which leads to a lot of unnecessary frustration I tell you! ;)

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