I’m worried about Karl. I haven’t heard from the good Dr. Storbeck in ages now, haven’t seen any life of him (apart from newly tagged photos) on FaceBook and haven’t come across his name in any ground-breaking scientific journal releases as of late.

What has happened to this kind-hearted man that served me so faithfully as best man and ring-passer-on at my wedding?

Well I fear I might be at the root of his disappearance I’m afraid… :(

You see, the last time he and Trish visited with Chantelle and myself, I loaned to him (well to Trish would be more exact) our entire SingStar collection, mics and all and I’m afraid that this unleashing of the karoke beast that is Trish may have proved to be too much for him, finally pushing him over the edge. Either he is sitting on his couch right this very moment, gurgling with his thumb stuck in his mouth or he is perhaps curled up in the foetal position at the bottom of his bedroom’s cupboard, waiting for that non-stop singing to finally subside and thus allow him to escape outside.

Or perhaps the cricket withdrawal systems forced upon him by the loss of his TV to Trish may have been the straw that broke this goat’s back? (He has more of an affinity to goats than camels you see).

Anyway, I don’t know for sure, but these scenarios seem the most likely explanation for his sudden scarcity, and it worries me that I might have been the cause for his current plight.

So please, if anyone spots this man in the photo above in broad daylight, let me know. Just to put my mind at ease of course…

Screens like this could very well be behind the disappearance of Karl...