Inline skates on steroids, that’s what this is. Air Gear straps them on, takes it to the sky and then beats the crap out of all challengers in this action-packed, laugh-a-minute 2006 shonen hit! This edition of Screenshot Saturday takes a bite out of episode 1 and delivers us Ikki, the show’s protagonist, learning to fly!

Ikki takes to the skies for the first time!

Irrepressible Itsuki “Ikki” Minami, the delinquent student and East Side Gunz gang leader known as the Unbeatable Babyface stumbled into the world of Air Treck quite by accident (well, he did “borrow” his sisters’ hidden Air Trecks after all) in response to having been humiliated by a rival gang of Storm Riders going by the handle Skull Saders.

Of course, with the help of his mysterious benefactors (his sisters who just happened to have all been a part of the legendary Sleeping Forest Storm Rider group), Ikki soon found himself in the thick of things, his stubborn approach and refusal to back down landing him in far more hot water than what even he could cope with.

Today’s screenshot chronicles the first time Ikki takes to the skies and finds his “winged road”, that which marked the start of his journey to become the Sky King.

His path cleared thanks to assistance from a rather unexpected source, Ikki takes off after the Skull Saders leader

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