Schadenfreude: pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. It’s human nature really.

You can talk about staged wardrobe ‘malfunctions’ like Janet Jackson’s infamous Superbowl Stunt all day long if you want, but shame poor Scottish bobsledder Gillian Cooke has to take the cake for experiencing one of the most publically embarrassing (thanks YouTube!) wardrobe malfunctions for quite some time! :)

Team mate of British bobsledder Nicola Minichiello, this two-women bobsleigh team has already tasted success by taking gold at the FIBT World Championships 2009 in Lake Placid, New York. However, it is without a doubt that the cold fateful day on January 16th 2010 will be the day Gillian remembers most in her bobsledding career…

(Can’t help but wonder – amongst all that cold snow and ice, shouldn’t bobsledders be wearing slightly more… well thermal underwear? O.o)

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