Search engines have become an indispensable part of modern life and the Internet, and as such almost all of us have long since determined our own particular favourite amongst the multitude of available workhorses.

However, search engines are not all the same and quite often return vastly differing search results on any particular search term, meaning that you’re never quite sure as to whether or not you are in fact getting the best search results possible.

So someone came up with the bright idea to harness the power of the three of the biggest search engine names and show their comparative search results alongside one another for any particular search term entered. Featuring a slick AJAX-driven interface, a good layout of information as well a clever display of search term related tag cloud information and image results, enter Yabigo, a particularly clever little monster.

Ya = Yahoo, bi = Bing and go = Google, Yabigo submits your query against all three search engine giants and then returns the plethora of results back to you, allowing you quickly to compare the three’s performance and increase the chance of actually finding the information you were looking for in the first place!

Very clever boys, though I’m not sure how long you’ll last before the big guns put you down and out of the game. Still, very, very good idea! :)

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