So there I was, standing in the kitchen, two fresh slices of white bread in my hand, the Stork margarine out on the counter, the grated cheese standing at the ready and the ham lying lovingly covered by a small piece of plastic (in a very tasteful pose)…

…when I realised I couldn’t find the toaster anywhere on the counter.

“What!?”, I loudly exclaimed, looking all around me in a quick fit of panic. “Chantelle, where’s the toaster!?”, I cried out in anguish.

“We gave it away like two months ago already silly. Did you forget again?”, came the sniggering reply.

Damn you Woolworths in Somerset Mall for not stocking our desired four piece toaster that every other branch around the Cape seems to have sitting on their shelves!

If you don’t do something about putting it on your shelves immediately, we’re going to be forced to look elsewhere for something else – all of which means my ham is going to go unloved for that much longer.

And that my friends, is simply not acceptable! :(