Random posts are always fun to throw up onto your blog, as they help encourage readers stick around for that little bit longer and explore the otherwise deep, dark, hidden recesses of your previous mutterings and as such become an invaluable tool if you’re trying to up your recurring readership just a tad.

Now grabbing a couple of random posts out of the WordPress framework is a pretty simple thing to do, but if like me you don’t really have the time to dig about in the guts of your WordPress installation, the next best thing is to borrow the work of someone who does – and in this case it is the work of a guy by the name of Ady Romantika.

His Random Posts Widget is the perfect answer to quickly and easily throwing up a list of random posts on your widgetized blog. It installs via the normal plugin interface, once activated it appears in the widget list, and on dragging it to an active sidebar, it presents you with a few very basic options that controls the look, title and post count of the resulting view.

Couldn’t be simpler, and to see it in action, look no further than the bottom left corner of this very page you are currently lingering on.

Thanks Ady, you just save me some precious gaming time! :P

Related Link: http://www.romantika.name/v2/wordpress-plugin-random-posts-widget/