Girls, mecha, guns. It’s Bakuretsu Tenshi time! And this time Screenshot Saturday is taking a good long peek at the 2007 Infinity OVA of what is a seriously fun series…

I would scream too if that kind of stalker approached me!

I quite enjoyed the original action-packed Bakuretsu Tenshi anime series and thus needless to say, I was more than overjoyed when an additional OVA was then later released on 23 March 2007, entitled Bakuretsu Tenshi: Infinity.

Neatly tying in with the anime series continuity by focusing on the aftermath of the original episode 14, Infinity tells a side story that focuses exclusively on Jo and Meg who make the trip through to New York in order to visit Sam and the old gang. Of course, they arrive to find things not going so well in the Big Apple and quickly get embroiled in a tale involving a hi-tech stalker with the penchant for killing his prey using an avatar robotic suit – and that’s exactly where today’s screenshots hail from: the final battle that sees Jo appear from nowhere in order to save the once again helpless Meg.

Priceless really.

Meg, you'll have to grab this gun hiding behind my butt, okay?

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