Dave Garrett took over the existing but stalled project Flagfox and after an extensive rewrite, churned out Flagfox 3, one of the niftiest (if not one of the more pointless) Firefox add-ons currently available.

Basically what this Firefox extension does is add a flag icon indicating the current website’s server location into either the browser’s address bar or status bar. It is relatively resource inexpensive and works by accessing an IP address location database contained within the extension, rather than relying on the top-level-domain roots which we all know by now to be pretty unreliable when it comes to figuring out where a server might be sitting.

Clicking on the flag icon loads up Geotool, which essentially provides a map of the server location together with some more detailed information like ISP, city and local time. The context menu also offers a couple of nice extra links that allow you to dig for more information on country of origin or even the domain’s registrant via Whois.

Of course, to the ordinary web surfer this might be a pretty pointless exercise, but to an active web developer it can be a pretty powerful little tool that carries with it a host of now easily accessible information.

Nice! :)

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