IPInfoDB is great free online service that aims to provide you with the geographical location of any IP address or Server Domain. Amongst the services available on the site is a simple web-based IP geolocation lookup, a full IP geolocation API that can return data in either XML, JSON or CSV formats and an API that can generate IP CIDR by country for iptables or htaccess blocklists.

They even provide a handy copy of their SQL database (updated on a monthly basis) and feature a nifty e-commerce fraud detection API that helps developers match and correlate IPs to physical areas quickly and efficiently.

Using their simply online tools is as easy as typing in an IP or domain name and as an example, entering codeunit.co.za resulting in the following being returned to me, bundled together with a useful Google Maps map.


  • IP address :
  • Country : United States
  • State/Province : Illinois
  • City : Chicago
  • Zip or postal code : 60645
  • Latitude : 42.0076
  • Longitude : -87.6956
  • Timezone : -6
  • Gmtoffset : -6
  • Dstoffset : -5
  • Hostname : jason-vz1.ampledns.com

Still, would love to know why my server is all of a sudden sitting in Illinois. Man my hosting company likes to bounce us around a lot!

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