Now while there are quite a number of excellent flash-based graphing libraries out there in the wild, it turns out that there aren’t actually all that many pure old jQuery plugins to churn out your data in pretty images for all to see.

So enter flot, a pure Javascript plotting library written exclusively for jQuery. It produces graphical plots of arbitary datasets on-the-fly client-side, with a focus on simple usage – meaning that all settings are pretty much optional to a developer. The graphs produces are attractive and flot goes that extra step in adding interactive features like zooming and mouse tracking, meaning you can add things like tooltips and clickthroughs to any graph with particular ease.

It works with Internet Explorer (with the help of the excanvas emulation helper), Firefox, Safari, Opera and Konqueror, making use of the HTML canvas tag.

Quick to implement, churns out a variety of different graphs and produces some stunning results, making it a particularly worthy graphing library to implement on any of your data analysis projects! :)

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