Crap nuts. Thanks to Chantelle’s sharp eye, I’ve just been informed that the one show I was really, really looking forward to seeing has gone and cancelled the Cape Town leg of its run.

This is kind of what happened to the Cape Town leg of the gig...

In case you’re not quite up to speed, I reported a little while back that the fabulous Shaolin Monks: Wheel of Life extravaganza was coming back to South Africa and just how eager I was to see it here at GrandWest Casino.

However, it now appears that the Cape Town leg has been cancelled (which you can verify by trying to book via Computicket), leaving a very disappointed Craig in its wake.

Oh well, I guess the rest of the country will just have to enjoy these fabulous martial arts exploits on the behalf of the rest of us! :(

Taken directly from Computicket’s official press release, this is what you remaining lucky buggers can expect:

In March 2010, local audiences will share the astonishment experienced by audiences across the globe as the twenty-member cast perform incredible “superhuman” feats. The astounding skills and agility displayed in the unique Kung Fu style performed only by the Shaolin Monks includes being lifted up on razor-sharp spears, breaking iron bars on their heads and smashing concrete blocks whilst lying between beds of nails and swords. Watch and be amazed.

The Shaolin Monks are the ultimate masters of Kung Fu: Buddhist soldier monks who have refined defensive martial arts over a period of fifteen centuries to a rare and spectacular point of perfection. Wheel of life showcases the near-miraculous feats of physical endurance, which are the outward expressions of an inner peace, harmony and iron will. Imaginative music, combined with high-technology lighting and a stage set that evokes the mysterious world of the East has produced a visual event that is colourful, exciting and dramatic. This combination of explosive power, imaginative theatrics and traditional story telling will produce an event for which there is no parallel.

It is the only show to feature ordained Soldier Monks of the Shaolin Temple and, as such, is the only show authorised by The Venerable Shi De Ying, Fangzhang (first Abbot) of the Temple and supported by the Henan Provincial Government. No other show has had this honour, blessing and approval bestowed upon it.

Brought to South Africa by BIG Concerts International, Shaolin Wheel of Life tells the exciting story of the Shaolin Monks’ early struggle to establish and protect their Temple. The performance is an illustration and celebration of their history, their religion and their tremendous skill. This is a show that combines the rich vocabulary of the Chinese theatre, the traditional iconography of oriental Buddhism and the technical sophistication of the contemporary rock arena. It’s a not to be missed spellbinding Kung Fu spectacular. “We are very excited to bring the Shaolin Monks back to South Africa, particularly after the tremendous success they enjoyed when they last visited. These Monks are highly trained and exceptionally skilled in the art of Kung Fu. Each riveting performance is adrenaline-filled and heart stopping”, says Attie van Wyk, CEO, BIG Concerts International.

Wheel of Life is directed by Micha Bergese (Interview with a Vampire, Millennium Dome Show, Eden, The Kingdom Tower Grand Opening Ceremony), designed by Mark Fisher (Cirque du Soleil, Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics 2008) with choreography by Darshan Singh Bhuller (Rambert Dance Company, London Contemporary Dance Theatre) and music by John Harle.

Sigh, I guess I’ll just have to wait until the next time these guys make their humble return to our sunny Capetonian shores then…