A torpedo boat. An attack helicopter. What more could you possible need? Possibly one of the most insane but most enjoyable action sequences (for a real world anime series) for quite some time now, this little chunk of animated glory told you exactly just how great the rest of Black Lagoon was going to be!

Yes. That is a boat versus a chopper. So what about it?

You’ve got to love this crazy sequence to the middle of episode 2 straight out of the hit first season of Black Lagoon, easily one of my most favourite anime series to emerge from the 2000’s. What better way to beat a heavily armed attack chopper with a torpedo boat than to ramp it up off the side of a sunken ship, and then in midair launch your torpedoes so that they take down the helpless chopper? Sheer brilliance. I can just imagine the storyboard writers all laughing and giving each other high-fives all around after coming up with this one.

And saving Revy, Benny and Dutch’s ass? That was all Rock’s idea thank you very much – as proven by the second screen grab below! ;)

Oh yeah, suck on that... well you know what Rock means.

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