Oh well, turns out that I wasn’t awarded the Development/Project manager job in the end, so I guess it just wasn’t meant to be – well at least not yet anyway. As it is, they cited the reasons as to why I didn’t get it as simply being that they are looking for someone a lot older than me to fill the position as well as someone with more experience in the field of project management – which makes perfect sense considering the importance of this position in the company going forward, so no arguments from me there (though Chantelle seemed a little bit disappointed when I broke the news to her funnily enough).

(And to be quite frank, I don’t think they can AFFORD to lose a senior developer at this stage of the game anyway!)

Oh, and I got wrapped over the knuckles for my blogging (mentioning anything to do with work) again (anyone remember the Commerce IT saga?), so considering that I don’t agree with them on the issue raised, I have at least got them to now tighten the official policy and thus I will now adhere to it – though I guess this post means I’m probably breaking that rule already! <- but it should be the last one ever, so you can rest easy there Mr. Marketing Manager! ;)

Was annoyed though when it was suggested I work on my interpersonal skills – as far as I’m concerned, there really shouldn’t be a reason to treat any adult with “kid gloves” – after all, aren’t those meant for kids?

Meanwhile, it’s pretty damn hot here in our temporary developers’ shoebox down in the garage of the building, but thankfully the awesome new table tennis table more than makes up for that – what a fantastic way of taking a break and resting one’s eyes from all that dreadful monitor strain!

(For the record, so far I’m leading in win/loss ratios, though Steve is hot on my tail! Dave still needs some consistency with his forearm smash! :P)

And that’s that. So no promotion/new position for me (but no biggie as I still get to develop which is my first love), last post related to anything Touchwork (didn’t really do much on this front anyway), loads of table tennis on our breaks (which is awesome) and some good projects sitting in front of me.

Can’t really complain, now can I? (but that could just be because another small raise is currently winging its way down towards us! :D)

Okay, over and out for today. Got a deadline to meet and a mom’s birthday braai to attend…