If you’ve used Sterkinekor’s nifty self-service portal or booked your tickets via their online booking function recently, you would have noticed a new addition to their cinema layout diagrams: pink seats. If you are curious as to what these new pink seats signify, they are in fact markers for Sterkinekor’s new range of Lovenest seating, basically the combination of two seats into a single unit by removing the middle armrest between them!

And let me tell you, after experiencing them for the first time while watching Avatar 3D at Tygervalley, these Lovenest seats are fantastic! Aimed at couples they successfully remove a very real barrier between two close people and allow for some much needed cuddle space if the film so demands, and more importantly, give oodles more butt and thigh space thanks to the missing armrest! Of course, the dubious question of which cupholder is yours, right or left, still remains, but ignoring that fact, these new spaces are a brilliant marketing ploy by a company which really could do with some innovative marketing and gimmicks in order to plonk more backsides in their cinemas.

Good work Sterkinekor marketing guys – now just figure out how to stop a single person from booking out a lovenest pad – that just isn’t fair you know!