It Michiko to Hatchin time again, episode 16 to be precise, entitled Crimson Faithless Etude just in case you were wondering. And hey, with this particular surprise moment halfway through, there is simply no way the ratings could have stayed down! ;)

You've got to admit, now that was a bit of a surprise!

On their never ending quest to locate Hiroshi Morenos, Michiko’s former lover and quite possibly the father of Hatchin, our two runaways find themselves storming a monster tomato growing research facility where Michiko believes Hiroshi may recently have been working at.

Of course, nothing is ever particular subtle when it comes to Michiko investigating Hiroshi and her interrogation of the head researcher (who appears to have possibly been on intimate terms with Hiroshi) takes a surprise turn for the worst when the woman lunges forward and catches Michiko in a rather passionate embrace – throwing our violent sexy diva completely off her game (and completely lost for words) for a change!

Needless to say, this was probably not a sight Hatchin was hoping to ever see in her lifetime!

(But of course, there was a painful price to pay for stealing that kiss and pretty soon, with the police hot on their hills, Michiko and Hatchin were off, with the next clue to Hiroshi’s current location firmly in their grasp!)

Hey! Watch that wandering hand lady!

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