At the end of last month, 22 February 2010, something big happened in the world of comic books, more specifically in the world of comic book collecting, when the previous record of $317,000 for an classic issue was easily bested by the auction of a rare 1938 near mint issue of Action Comics #1 for $1 million!

$1 million for a single comic book? Boy, some people have way too much money for their own good and obviously no conscience on how to better spend all that excess by, well I don’ know, setting up a bursary scheme and helping impoverished people build a better life for themselves perhaps?

But that said, the anonymous buyer and anonymous seller who made the auction company ComicConnect a very happy place to work, were trading what is considered the holy grail of Golden Age comic books.

This book marked the birth of Superman, the first real superhero who could fly without the aid of mechanical devices and who actually went to work in a city – where he would have to interact with normal, underpowered beings like you and me on a daily basis.

Of course Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s creation went on to spawn a whole genre on its own (hey, where do you think the term superhero originated from?) and became one of the most recognisable comic franchises ever created.

Still, a million dollars for a single book? Makes me wish I took better care of my couple of thousand odd comic books before I eventually tossed them all away! :(

Note: Not that I had anything remotely valuable in my collection of course – but 70 years down the line? Well, who knows how nicely I might have been able to pad my pension! :)

Honestly, it's as pretty close to mint as what you can get for an unrestored 1938 comic book!

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