The big election before the United States ushered in their first non-white president saw a heated race/battle between Obama and John McCain – something that a lot of people expected to go Obama’s way anyway.

Which obviously it did.

And that explains why poor old John now has to bend over and take it like a man!

(By now you’ve probably realised that these cartoons of mine seem to have all done the rounds on my sites before – and you would be 100% right. Basically what has happened is that I’ve extracted all my cartooning that previously appeared on my original blog and moved it all to its own house here at the House of C, meaning that invariably things might appear a little dated or worse, be jokes that you’ve seen before.

But there is method to my madness you see. I’m building on a Monday release plan that sees a new cartoon released once a week, thus giving me time to generate new material in the little spare time that I have. And seeing as my last fresh cartoon was created in March last year (can you believe), I need all the time I can get in order to create something new.

So hold on, only a couple more re-run Mondays to go!)