Adding Google Analytics to your Joomla 1.5 website turns out to be a rather simple affair thanks to the guys behind JoomlaGATor!, formerly known as Google Analytics Module for Joomla 1.5 (needless to say, this new title for the project is a whole lot more snappy).

Featuring a host of cool features that most of us will never use like aut0-SSL, download and external link tracking as well as sub-domain tracking, the coolest thing about JoomlaGATor! has to be the fact that in order to get is working on your site, all you literally have to do is download the install package, upload/install it to your site, enable it and then finally enter your Google Analytics tracking code in the appropriately named Analytics Account Number field.

It’s seriously that easy.

Sure there is a host of other settings you can twiddle about with, but in terms of sheer reduced time of implementation you don’t really get better than this! :)

(Oh and did I mention it automatically inserts itself into the code for each published page of your site using the ga.js tracking code?)

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