Favicons as we all know are extremely important to a site, because a) it helps people identify your site brand quicker and b) it looks totally groovy when someone actually bothers to bookmark your site.

Now creating and setting a favicon for a website isn’t particularly difficult to do in the first place, but thanks to the team behind the WP Favicon plugin for WordPress, it is now pretty much a case of download, install and activate to set one up on your beloved WordPress blog.

It accepts either a classic .ico or .gif  icon file ranging from 16×16 to 32×32 in dimension, and the only other work you have to do is physically upload your favicons into the pointed out directory. (Note you can make use of the clever favicon.cc site to generate a favicon if you’re feeling a little creatively stumped.)

And that’s it. Once activated and assuming that your current theme forgot to set one, you should now have a nice and shiny favicon staring back at you in the address bar.

Simple as that.

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