We actually enjoyed a great weekend this past weekend, even though technically we didn’t get up to all that much in the end! :P

Friday evening kicked off with a visit from Candice and Wayne who joined us for a supper made up of Chantelle’s home-baked chicken pie, savoury rice, caramelized pumpkin fritters and roast potatoes, followed by her first ever attempt at a shortbread grandilla tart with vanilla ice-cream. Naturally the evening was absolutely fun and games as we chatted the night away and eventually let the two of them hog the couches as beds for the night.

Saturday morning the four of us awoke to a delcious Chantelle-cooked breakfast of bacon, croissants and scrambled eggs, before we sent W&C on their way and headed out in two cars to Hyundai Somerset West, where I accosted the Tammy, the sales lady I had spoken to on Thursday and went ahead with applying for finance on a new car, i.e. the birth of Craig’s first ever real debt. But more on this particularly exciting bit on news in its own post, ‘k?

Chantelle left me at the dealership busy to go and have her hair done in preparation for the night’s activities, and so once I had finished up chatting with the finance guy, I slipped off to the Mr. Price Sports shop at the mall where in an attempt to purchase a golf glove I ended by this absolutely awesome brown suede trail/hiking hat which I then pretty much preceded to wear all weekend long. (I forgot to get a glove by the way).

See!? See!? That’s how awesome my new hat is!

The afternoon Chantelle passed by lounging around in great difficulty (because of her inability to lie her head down in case she crushed the neatly arranged hairdo she had returned home with), giving me the perfect opportunity to grab the television from her and put in some Tomb Raider: Underworld timem taking full advantage that she couldn’t really fight back.

The evening saw us dress up in our finest (well Chantelle in a beautiful dress with jewellery, make-up and heels, and me in a long-sleeve shirt with chino pants) and off we went in search of the Ruimte Nasorgsentrum in Strand where we were attending the first ever Funakoshi Fundraiser Ball, which saw an intimate venue laid out for about forty people, with a big open dance floor (accompanied by some big speakers next to it) and an excellent three course meal that saw us chowing down on some delicious butternut soup, chicken pie and lasagne and peppermint crisp tart amongst others. I did take a slight break from the evening by sneaking out of the grounds to pick up some Tab from the corner cafe to accompany the bottle of wine we had already polished off, but for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed the festive evening of conversation with all my training buddies outside of training, even if a night of unabated sokkie dancing was a bit hamstrung by the inexperience of young Jens as the night’s DJ (damn missing MP3 names! :P).

(Heck, we even enjoyed a completely fun but pointless Easter Egg search which consisted of locating glow in the dark, jellybean-filled easter eggs… well in the dark!)

Sunday was decreed our day and so Chantelle and I slept in, did some shopping at the mall (we finally bought a toaster and I got that golf glove I was looking for), before we sped down to Bertie’s Moorings where we enjoyed a thoroughly relaxed lunch out on the deck, taking in some fresh air and the always energetic atmosphere that seems to exude out of the boardwalk on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Bertie’s Mooring always has a good vibe… when the wind isn’t blowing!

The evening was deemed Idols omnibus time and so Chantelle hunkered down to watch that, meaning the signal for me to finally tackle all those dishes generated by W&C’s visit as well as the rest of the housework was finally upon me! As the evening stretched its legs and Chantelle found herself glued to the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I rounded my weekend off by finishing Eyeshield 21 volume 4 and catching some Blade on my PC, meaning I put the perfect fanboy cap on what turned out to be a great mixture of socialising and relaxing weekend after all!

But seriously, more on the new car in the next post, okay? :P

Seriously, this is how relaxing Sunday turned out to be!

The hat. It almost never left my head!