It’s annoying when you pull down a really large file and then when you want to put it on your little flash drive you realize that the file is simply to large to fit.

So enter GSplit, a great little reliable, free file splitter application that can split large files like disk images, video files, zip archives into a whole lot of smaller chunks and then provide you with a handy little executable file to sew all those pieces back up again when you need to.

There are a number of splitting options available to you through the fairly slick interface and GSplit is quite capable when it comes to splitting files that are well over 4GB big! It works on most Windows versions (including Vista) and it integrates nicely into the Window shell, allowing you to split files directly from your system context menu. It gives you a great indication of time elapsed, time remaining during operations and also maintains split settings in profiles, meaning you can apply specific profiles to specific types of files.

There are a number of other cool features aimed at more power user level users, but the essence of it all is that this is a great little utility which is well worth the trouble and will make your life a breeze when it comes to porting around overly large files!


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