Ugh. Sick. Sick as a dog. I finally went and caught this damn cold that everyone seems to be grabbing hold of here in the Cape on Friday evening, starting off with a gentle rasped throat, and then progressing to a nose flows like a river and headache from Hell on Saturday, moving on to nauseous and sleepy with sniffles and intense joint stiffness and pain (with a cough) on Sunday and then slowly beginning to ebb out with a tight chest and a cough from Hades on Monday. Needless to say, this cough and general lack of strength still hasn’t quite gone away.

Shame, and naturally Chantelle couldn’t exactly not catch it, grabbing it from me basically two days behind, meaning that she’s going through all the nauseating systems in very much the same order as what I experienced it.

Of course, the worse thing about it was that it had to happen over the weekend, meaning that what was a planned good end to a hard week turned out to be more of a mission of torture than anything else. I did however sit out of work on Monday, opting to try and ride things out at home rather than brave the drive through to Tokai and try to make it through a working day without having my brains explode all over my keyboard, but the downside to it all was that I missed what would have been possibly the most interesting (and intense) karate training session I’ve yet to experience since joining with Funakoshi – a two hour kata 4 training bout over Skype with the original founder of the style, Sensei Eddie Ward.

Needless to say, this is the worse part of this whole sickly ordeal if you ask me! :(

Anyway, I guess I’m back in the office and now on the road to recovery (I hope), so just got to get through today, lament not being able to train or go to gym and then get home in order to nurse my poor sick wife.

Hmm… wonder if pancakes will work as a medicinal aid? O.o