So my beloved new girl Gina G. has already hit the 1100 kilometers travelled marked and so far she really is proving to be a wonderfully smooth, comfortable drive. I’m very happy with her on the road at this point, though there is just one thing about her that grates me a little: she’s one hell of a thirsty girl it would seem.

For some or other reason I simply assumed before I bought her that any car I purchase new today would automatically be more fuel efficient than Jetta Jameson, my old 1997 1.6 Volkswagen Jetta who is currently sitting unloved in the complex’s parking lot. She had about a forty litre engine capacity and off a tank I could get about 520 km before I felt the need to fill up.

Obviously I expected Gina G. to give me a little bit more loving, but I’m ashamed to say she only manages to give me about 500 km on the same size tank meaning that at this stage of the game, I’m slightly worse off in terms of fuel consumption at the moment – and with brent crude currently sitting at $87 per barrel on the world markets (making a near future petrol price hike much more than just a slim chance), not exactly the position I would have liked to be in.

Sure a lot of people are saying, “Oh c’mon, you just have to wait for her to settle in” or “Don’t worry, she’ll improve after her first service”, but man, there’s a sticker on the front window which I didn’t notice until my pops pointed it out after seeing it for the first time. And that sticker doesn’t bring good news.

And unfortunately as we all know, those stickers seldomly lie.

Oh well. Thankfully she makes up for her thirsty habits in a lot of other ways – like always looking sexy no matter what lighting conditions she encounters! :P

The on the other woman in my life front we get Chantelle, who naturally managed to snag my cold that I’ve been sitting with and progressed through each phase just like I previously had done. Shame, the poor girl has been as sick as a dog and done her best to stay away from work, but we all know our Chantelle – a workaholic right to the end!

(I’ve tried to nurse her as much as possible, even bought her pizza the other evening – which turned out to be a bit pointless for someone who can’t taste their food at the moment!)

One funny story I do have to share, coming out of this whole ordeal, happened the other morning when I woke up after a long and restful sleep (surprising because I was still recovering and was suffering from sore joints, a closed chest and a nasty cough), only to find the bed next to me completely devoid of all signs of my wife.

Now I would have thought she had maybe just gotten up to go to the bathroom, had it not been for the fact that Olympus was lying next to me in the middle of the bed – and he is generally not that an opportunistic fellow.

But I chose to ignore, and went back to bed for a bit, before finally getting up for real and stumbling through to the kitchen… where I walked in on a Chantelle blissfully asleep on the lounge couch under her red comforter, earplugs and all.

The reason?

Well apparently I was so restless and noisy during the night thanks to my extra loud snoring due to the closed passageways, that at 01:00 she thought “Fuck it, enough is enough”, and got out of bed, grabbed her comforter and sought out a couch on which to try and get some shut-eye!

So shame, I guess it really is easier just to go sleep on the couch than try and rouse me when I’m in dreamland! :)

And now simply because I can, an awesomely cute view of Achillle who has now seemingly abandoned our house again now that Tessa is back from her Indian pilgrimage as well as a mention that Chantelle and I are currently engaged in a “Recording each other snoring” war – so far her evidence outshines mine it must be said! :D

It's Stretchy Time!

(Oh, and in case you are wondering work is busy as all hell at the moment. Major problems to deal with on the coding front as well as yet another looming office move plus the addition to the team of our very first project manager – scary stuff! :P)