HTML or Web colors are defined using a hexadecimal (hex) notation for the combination of Red, Green and Blue color values, commonly known as RGB. The lowest color value possible for one of these “light” sources is 0 (hex 00) and the highest value is 255 (hex FF). The color codes are written as 3 double digit numbers prefixed with a # sign. Technically, the combination of 255 x 255 x 255 possible color codes means that there exists 16 million possibleĀ colorsĀ using this particular notation.

The quickfire tip for today is the generation of a random HTML color using just a single line of PHP color. Handy if you want to throw a bit of a surprise burst of changing color here and there…

$randomcolor = '#' . strtoupper(dechex(rand(0,10000000)));

The line above will produce a value that looks something like #240BFD, perfect for slotting in any web element’s style you can think of!

Simple, wasn’t it? ;)