Screenshot Saturday today borrows some shots from the breast-suckling, religious-dripping, action packed spectacle that is Seikon no Qwaser, or for us Englishmen out there, The Qwaser of Stigmata!

Certainly saved in the "nick" of time!

As episode 1 slowly starts building the story and characters that will go on to eventually make the show, we get introduced to Mafuyu Oribe, the precocious fighter of a girl that thinks only of protecting and looking out for her best friend, the big breasted, sickly “simpleton” that is Tomo Yamanobe. Unfortunately their life is about to be turned upside down thanks to the appearance of a serial killer who seems to be targeting the school’s single girls and as misfortune would have it, the magic-endowed and shrouded in black villain does manage to trap the helpless Mafuyu in the very church that they base their lives on.

However, just as things are about to take a turn for the worst, a saviour appears in the most unlikely of forms – though it soon becomes apparent that despite his outward physical appearance, this boy is indeed a man of deadly great power – as the unknown assailant is about to find out!

Powered up by a fresh infusion of soma (breast milk in case you were wondering what all the controversy surrounding the title was about), the great Alchemist Qwasar Aleksander Nikolaevich Hell strikes!

The feated Qwaser about to strike (and who says breast milk is bad for you?)

Oh shit!

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