Don’t Touch Me on My Site – A Retouch My Life 28 APR 2010

Just a note, I may be a little delayed in getting new material up on this site over the next while. You see, my creative muse simply can no longer stand my inactivity towards all the websites I’m responsible for and as such I’ve started a campaign which will see me go through the sites one by one, improve upon their functionality, fix any outstanding bugs, populate with content where necessary and most important of all – give them a proper visual makeover.

This public holiday past has seen the albeit recently updated CodeUnit of Craig undergo a new facelift – with nice clean results – as well as a full content, functionality and stylesheet plus images update for the slightly neglected Funakoshi Karate International SA website. (Obviously a good old Ctrl+F5 button press will be needed for a forced cache clear refresh!)

Needless to say, if you’ve been over to The House of C lately then you’ll know that it still desperately needs a major facelift (my project for this weekend) and last but not least, you can expect the Rugged Rock of Craig to undergo a nice transformation as well – most likely in a pretty similar vein to that of the CodeUnit site.

So what does all of this mean to you, my loyal reader (and me, as a post-it note reminder)? Well all I’m saying is I might miss a day or two of updates along the way. I don’t plan on it, but hey, you never know – I’ve got priorities and things like babies to make you after all! :P

The new look CodeUnit of Craig site...

Funakoshi Karate International SA's site is filling out pretty nicely...

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