Just in case you were wondering, Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic is a direct to DVD animated movie spin-off of EA Games’ Dante Inferno 2010 video game release. Now you know.

Demonic hands can be so touchy-feely at times...

This week’s Screenshot Saturday takes a look at the birth of the Hell-crusading Dante who charges in after the shadow form Lucifer stole Beatrice’s soul and whisked it away with him through the Gates of Hell.

Unable to break through Hell’s Gates after they closed right before him, an anguished Dante falls to his knees in despair, but this state does not last long as terrifying demonic hands break free from the ground behind him and snatch him up, binding him with blood red ribbon which then gets sewn into his flesh. The ribbon contains endless moving montages of his transgressions committed during his time out on the Crusades and also acts as his eternal source of power as the constant reminder of what he has done and how he is truly the reason behind Beatrice’s awful fate.

However, with the enigmatic poet Virgil at his side, Dante finds renewed strength in his quest to save his beloved and manages to break his way into Hell’s inferno – though this proves to only be the start of his long, torturous and bloody journey that will see him go on and face the very might of Lucifer himself!

The demonic blood red ribbon... that for some or other reason resembles a cross? I think the reason could only be that sewing by touch alone turns out to be a rather tricky affair - or at least far more tricky than these demon spawned hands reckoned.

Needles, flesh and demonic hands. Never a good combination if you ask me!

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