This is not a nice topic to breach, but it is one I feel is absolutely necessary. We have in our office… an untrained person.

And when I say untrained, I mean unable to use the most simple of shared toilet etiquette utensils – the toilet brush.

Yes, every now and then when one makes their way down to the bathroom on the lower level, closes the door behind them, unzips their pants and lifts the lid of the toilet – there on the perfectly, gleaming white porcelain bowl will lie the worst of the worst, the horror of horrows: skid marks and little chunks of unflushed, sticky poo.

Not cool untrained person, not cool.

Even I know what the toilet brush situated next to the toilet is intended for.

Perhaps it is time that your partner takes you in hand and teaches you the basic etiquette that comes with a shared toilet? O.o

Really, I do wish this with my whole heart. There is nothing more off-putting than saying hello to an already streaky brown toilet bowl…