Screenshot Saturday time once again, and this time we dig out the history books, going all the way back to June 1998 to pick out on the classic action comedy sci-fi western, Trigun, featuring everyone’s favourite rogue gunman: Vash the Stampede!

Back to back, this has got to be the stupidest way to fight ever invented!

Episode 10, entitled “Quick Draw”, sees Vash and the fairly new character Nicholas D. Wolfwood find themselves drawn into a terrible quick draw event in order to free the current town they were passing through. And although Vash is pretty successful at stopping the various contestants from hurting one another thanks to some ingenious and sneaky action, there is no stopping the fact that soon Vash and Wolfwood will find themselves in the thick of things!

Point in case, one of Vash’s first deadly opponents is a man who appear to have the ability to shoot behind his back!

However, even when taken by surprise, Vash the Stampede’s legendary cat-like reflexes are enough to see him bound out the way and return fire, revealing his opponent’s deadly secret!

(Talk about a cheap shot!)

Oi, is a man's elbow meant to be able to bend back that way?

Vash demonstrating his cat-like reflexes and finesse

Now if that isn't cheating, then I don't know what is! :P

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