is a fun little service. The premise for it is pretty simple. Register your Twitter account with them and they will then analyze all links it can find in any of your recent posts and those of the people you are following as well.

Those links it will then use to build up a “newspaper” or sorts, linking in categorised images, videos, news articles and blog posts in a standard web news site layout.

This it does every 24 hours and will then notify you once each new edition is available to read.

Signing up is as simple as going to the site and creating a new newspaper, linking the paper to your Twitter account by means of the now established oAuth sign-in protocol (You can sign in with either your Twitter or Facebook account.) and presto, wait a couple of minutes as the site chugs out a newspaper, and then point all your friends to it if you are so inclined!

(In other words, go check out my newspaper at! :P)

Pointless, but kind of nifty in the same way which most Twitter-related services are!

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