Last weekend I kept myself rather busy, not with gallivanting around yet another luxurious guest house, playing games or watching DVDs like is the norm, no, instead I rolled up my sleeves and broke out a nice sweat as I set about stripping the current study (better known at the “man room”), and transforming the now empty back corner of our home into the new (and miniaturized) “Man Room 2.0”.

And yes, I know the baby is only due in January next year, but the way I see it the sooner I get all the big jobs out of the way (like preparing the baby room for example), the easier my life will be once the big day arrives and Chantelle is too big to help me with anything around the home in any event! :P

So out came the drill and dad’s awesome four-way laser levelling system, in went some holes, some misplaced, most in the right place, and up went the floating shelves (one new – from Builder’s Warehouse – and one stolen from the existing man room – leaving some icky holes behind!). The desk came next, then the little bedside cupboard next to it, then the electronics and various other devices, and finally my old faithful pine chair. Of course, fitting all my hardware in a now much smaller space proved to be challenging enough, never mind the fact that cabling everything together proved a little tricky thanks to the considerably more confined space I had to manoeuvre my big frame about in!

The floating shelves came out pretty nice I must say, but unfortunately the one I swiped out the man room has warped considerably since the day I first purchased it, meaning that it now sits at quite a perilous angle and has already sent a ton of books crashing down on my monitor and keyboard below, prompting the removal of everything even remotely heavy off it! (It now sits happily housing all my figurines and one or two comic books for good measure).

Finally, the telephone cable had to be ripped up and rerouted to this new location (with clear sticky tape because I was feeling a little lazy after all my hard work), but the plus side of it is of course that my XBOX 360 now has a direct connection to the Network and thus Internet, meaning that I can finally get off my butt and start setting up a proper little streaming media centre for all my devices!

Oh, and in amongst all this work I even found the time to braai for Chantelle and myself – not to mention the strength to go for a good 1 hour neighbourhood stroll on Sunday afternoon!

Talk about awesome, eh? ;)

Setting up the drill points for my new shelves...

... and the finished product, Man Room 2.0