So our soaked cement floor in the study, courtesy of a leaking copper pipe leading into the geyser, is almost dry at last, meaning that soon we can get the professionals in and get a new carpet laid. But just in case you don’t quite understand by what I mean by wet concrete floor (or don’t believe for that matter), let me share some pictures that Chantelle and I took as proof for the complex management company:

The leaking copper pipe responsible for all our woes!

Carpet being peeled away to reveal the soaked underfelt below...

The extent of the water damage to the study.

It is like someone had one great big pee in the corner when no one was looking...

Do you know how boring it is waiting for cement to dry in the middle of a wet winter?

And as you can well imagine, it’s pretty boring waiting for soaked cement to dry during a particularly wet winter season! :)