Plug and play is a lifesaver in the world of Personal Computing, really it is, but in the same breath it can be quite frustrating when the default settings set aren’t necessarily the optimal settings for your machine! Take my Canon IP4500 printer for example. Ubuntu recognised it effortlessly on plugging it in, and with a few clicks I was already pushing out test page after test page.

However, something was not quite right. The colors were coming out extremely dull, almost shaded grey to the naked eye, not to mention the oranges which were all coming out as a dull brown – in other words, not particularly attractive printing at all!

Anyway, as you can well expect, the root of the color problem lay with the colour model being used to print with. Now most inkjet printers are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink printers and thus it makes sense to use the CYMK color model to print to that printer. However, on closer inspection of the default printer settings (found under System -> Administration -> Printing) I noticed that the color model selected was RGB!

So a quick change on the dropdown to the CMYK, a hit on the print test page button, and I was back in business, with a vibrant, bright orange printed Ubuntu Logo sitting in front of me! :)

(Though honestly, you should probably try printing test pages out on all the available color models to see what works best for your printer!)