Wow, expensive tickets. Sure, not quite as expensive as those bought by the poor people who wanted to catch that orchestral poser, Andre Rieu in action, but more than expensive enough by the standards of Craig’s usually tightly drawn purse strings.

But despite the expensive tickets, despite the relatively poor seats (we booked late again), and despite the fact that it is on a middle of the new week Tuesday night and not on the glorious evening that would have been a Friday night, it is still going to be absolutely spellbinding and awesome…

…after all, Bryan Adams is here, and come Tuesday July 13th, Chantelle and I are going to be seeing him live and in glorious action! :)

This is a man whose music I have followed since my early days, his being the second ever CD I purchased in my life (the first was Wet Wet Wet in case you were wondering), and one of the very, VERY few musicians which I actually WOULD like to see performing in the flesh.

His classic Summer of ’69 still invokes that raw sense of energy which feeds one’s dancing feet every time you hear it, I still smile at how I wooed Chantelle off her feet by embracing her tightly and singing When a Man Loves a Woman in her ear as we slowly shuffled from side to side on Sun Bell Lodge’s tiled floor, and now I even get tears in my eyes at the sound of Let’s Make a Night to Remember, casting back my mind to that holding of Chantelle tightly against me as we slow danced and whispered sweet promises to one another as the night of our wedding slowly ebbed away.

This is the man whose music I still sing loud and proud to every time his genius crosses the radio airwaves and forget about the golden sounds of silence should one of his CDs find its way into my car!

Simply put: It. Is. Going. To. Be. Legendary <- with a capital L of course! :)

The Rock Legend

So come on already July 13th. Grandwest Casino, you had better be ready and not let me down – Chantelle and I are ready to be entertained to the fullest!