I caught quite an enjoyable little movie on DSTV this evening, a locally produced 2009 film by director Neal Sundstrom going under the title “Finding Lenny”.

Starring Barry Hilton in the main role of Lenny Vincent, we get introduced to a man who starts his day on what should be a very auspicious morning – after all, it is his 50th birthday! However, things couldn’t possibly get worse on this particular day as Lenny is about to find out – in one foul swoop he will lose his job, lose his wife, get robbed, hijacked and then dumped in the middle of nowhere!

But this could all have happened for a reason. Lenny is about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime in which he will help coach a village football team, reunite warring brothers and attempt to save a tribe’s land – oh and perhaps even learn a little more about himself as well what is really important in this thing called life.

As a film, Finding Lenny isn’t anything you haven’t seen before, it is about an underdog taking on a giant through the medium of sport (in this case soccer) and in that respect the movie doesn’t hold anything new about it. However, the sheer local feel to the story, the fantastic South African scenery, and the great acting from guys like comic legend Barry Hilton, Russel Savadier, Yule Masiteng, and Ron Smerczak for example, bring this fun feel good drama, with a heavy splash of comedic elements, to life and will leave you smiling to yourself as it slowly wraps itself neatly up and spits out the ending credits.

It is well shot, features a great soundtrack and is really one of those “local is lekker” productions, meaning that there really isn’t a reason to skip it if you are a South African and looking for some good South African on-screen talent. Catch it on DSTV this month if you can – it really is well worth it! :)

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