The last couple of weekends really haven’t been about unwinding and taking some time off from work, rather it has been an exercise in maintaining one’s composure when confronted with the pig sty that your home has turned into as well as the physical fatigue associated with moving around just about every piece of furniture in the house between nearly all the rooms!

This is pretty much how we have been living in the lounge over the past while...

Thankfully though, that has at last come to an end when on Friday the carpet people came in and laid down the carpet in the second room (at last our concrete floor had seen it fit to dry itself out properly), meaning that I could finally shift everything back in there (a great temporary storage facility before we go baby shopping mad), leaving only some books which still need to find their way back into the bookshelf, that we’ve now changed our mind on and opted to keep, lying about. (Sorry Mom!)

The nice and sparkly new carpet in the second bedroom

Charles has in the meantime come and picked up Andy’s old bed now that our newly purchased one has arrived and as an added bonus, I managed to help out Uncle Louis and Aunt Thelma up in Sedgefield by giving up my old LG television to replace their old clunker which had finally given up the ghost. (Thanks Pops for organising this!)

So in other words, it means that the house is almost back into shape, apart from the already mentioned couple of books lying around and the contents of two drawer sets which still need to be swapped around in order to buff up our bedroom’s new upgraded luxury look.

And at least my feet are now warm and fuzzy when I hang up the washing on our Venus portable clotheslines in the spare room! :)

However, not so warm and fuzzy is the fact that our newly purchased, week old, R8,000 bed decided to pop a slat or two in the base, judging by the “badump” sound that was followed by an almost immediate sag in the middle of the bed! Needless to say, apart from being horribly disappointed and wondering if we have maybe made a mistake in picking the bed that we did, I can only hope that the nice people over at Bed City sort us out ASAP! (I have already set the unforgiving Chantelle loose on them)

On top of that, we still haven’t heard about the suede headboard that Boardman’s is looking into sourcing for us, seeing as the first one they offered came pre-marked with blue ballpoint pen and scratches!

And then of course there is that small matter of us actually being in the process of making that all important decision regarding entering the housing market proper – which kicks off on Saturday in case you’re wondering…